Apple iPad Smart Case (Dark Gray) - MD454LL/A

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  • Brand: Apple
  • Category: iPad Cases

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  • Full coverage - The slim-yet-sturdy iPad Smart Case protects your iPad screen and its aluminum back. So your iPad is fully covered on all sides. And colorful too.
  • Free laser engraving - Make your Smart Case even more personal with a free laser-engraved message, only from the Apple Online Store.
  • Wake on open. Sleep on close - Open the Smart Case, and iPad magically wakes up. Close it, and iPad automatically goes to sleep.
  • Polyurethane design - The Smart Case comes in six vibrant polyurethane colors with a soft, color-matched microfiber lining that keeps your display clean.
  • FaceTime and movie stand - The Smart Case folds in just the right places to become the perfect FaceTime and movie-watching stand.

Technical Details


  • Packaged Quantity1
  • MaterialPolyurethane
  • ColorGray

Carrying Case

  • TypeCase
  • Recommended UseFor web tablet
  • FeaturesTransformable into a stand for typing or viewing video ,
    Power saving magnet



The iPad Smart Case covers your iPad both front and back yet still retains the thin, light design of iPad. Like the Smart Cover, it folds easily into a stand for reading, typing, and watching video. And it automatically wakes and sleeps iPad on open and close. Made from polyurethane, it's available in six bright colors. And you can personalize it with free laser engraving on the AppleOnline Store.


Khaleel Sabdia 5.0
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Simply can't understand the negative reviews for this case. It is light as a feather, fits very well (have had it on for well over a month and it has never come loose). I agree this case could be a little cheaper but honestly after spending so much on my iPad I really didn't mind forking out some extra cash for a cover that i'm happy with. Here's why it deserves 5 stars: *Extremely light - Adds virtually nothing to the iPad (i've tried the Speck Pixel Skin HD which is similar and it is really ... heavy). I read a lot on my iPad so I really find weight to be an important factor. *Good looking - Nice colors available and the back and front both look really cool. *Easy to clean - i've spilled on the case, held it with oily hands, and so forth and always has been extremely easy to just wipe it clean with a damp cloth. *Feels good in the hand. I like the texture, its nice and grippy without feeling tacky. *Durable - I am a heavy user and very few of my accessories look like brand new a month after I've had them, this case does. More >
Bryan 3.0
14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
This is a good one-piece case that does a very good job protecting both the front and back of the iPad and it is aesthetically pleasing like all other Apple products. It also does a good job of keeping dust and other particulates from getting to the back surface of the iPad. So far it could be a five star product. However, I have two complaints worth one rating star apiece... Due to the flimsiness of the back side protection part of the case, two problems are introduced: the iPad fits inside o ... f the case too loosely causing problems with the use of the headphone jack on top and with connections to the dock/cable connector on the bottom. Those two problems make plugging the iPad in to charge it, manage media on it or back it up a challenge when the iPad is left in the case as the opening for the connector does not line up very well with the connector (I do not sync nor back up my iPad using WiFi) - I usually have to move the case around to get a solid connection. Additionally, unless you are using the Apple ear buds, a secure connection for your headphones is not guaranteed because the case gets in the way of the headphone jack at the bottom of the opening for it. I use Bose QC15 headphones and their connection in the headphone jack is not complete. The audio quality and using the mic on my headphone cord with such an incomplete connection are still fine. Regardless of the fact that I can manipulate the case to get the power/data cable connection to work, and the headphone connection works while not being complete, Apple should have made the back cover of the case more rigid so as to make sure that the openings for the connector and headphone jack are always properly aligned and so that more than just the Apple ear buds can connect completely to the headphone jack. In the end, I ended up giving this case to my dad as a random gift and went with a Moshi versacover for iPad (clear, hard back case with attached "origami" style multi-angle Smart Cover) with a *perfect* fit, and the Moshi iVisor XT (washable, reusable always and absolutely bubble-free screen protector). *** First Update *** For those who may like to know, this review was written regarding the fit and finish of the Apple Smart Case for my third-generation iPad with the Retina display (aka iPad 3) - apologies for leaving iPad model details out of my review. Also note that I have not seen the Apple Smart Case for iPad for any model improve since I wrote my review and I still recommend the aforementioned Moshi combination (you get what you pay for). More >
P. Ceely 2.0
72 of 92 people found the following review helpful
I bought this case never having seen the actual case; I had looked at it on the Apple website (from where I ended up buying it). I wish I had looked more closely at the pictures; this case is NOT up to the standard of design quality to which we have become accustomed from Apple.The rear "shell" of the case (as against the front cover) is poorly constructed, with joins between the layers that are not only visible, but also create a sharp edge along the length of the three non-hinged sides. This ... causes the case to be uncomfortable, even painful to hold.It is not a quality product. Definitely not worth $50. Buy the Smart Cover from Apple and an aftermarket rear case; these work better and cost less. More >